Who said small was boring?

December 5, 2017 rogerhinesdesigns No comments exist

So we have all had those moments where we feel that we just don’t have enough space to swing a cat.

Well I’m here to tell you that not all is lost, here is an extremely small urban courtyard that we designed, the space is to entertain up to 8 people and the owner wanted somewhere to practice yoga and let’s not forget about those bins!!!

So how did we do it?

Well we created areas dedicated to tackle all of the clients needs, this included moving access to the house which was at basement level. Glass was used where possible to increase the light and screening used on top of the walls to add privacy from overlooking buildings.

Good design will always lead to a fully functional and usable space, this is why I encourage people to employ a competent designer that will take into consideration all of the sites aspects and link the garden to the house and its surrounding area in a sympathetic way.

If you think employing a professional is expensive, wait until you employ an amateur

Until next time, have fun and keep smiling

Roger Hines

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