Outdoor Living??

December 15, 2017 rogerhinesdesigns No comments exist

So what is this Outdoor Living all about??

Well as we have become ever more busy and society has and is still is changing, the spaces we occupy are changing to. People find it hard to find time to wind down after a hard days work and are looking for spaces to just relax and enjoy.

I find it ironic that in an era of time saving practices that the only thing we can’t do is find time for ourselves. To me, and this is my personal opinion on Outdoor Living, the spaces we create are there to be experienced and enjoyed. Think of these spaces as somewhere that you, your family and friends can simple embrace the thing that we seek the most, time together.

We can all benefit from being a little less busy, it’s proven time and time again that connecting with nature has a huge benefit for our health. Now imagine if all you had to do was walk out of your own backdoor to reap those benefits.

Remember times is something we will always want more of, are you making the most of yours!

So in a nutshell, to me Outdoor Living is having the ability to step outside and enjoy your space with family, friends or just by yourself. It’s being able to conveniently connect with nature faster than typing in your WiFi code. It’s having the ability to step outside and experience time at your pace and not that of the busy world we live in.

The talk on this subject could go on forever, but I’m going to save the rest for the new video series that we are currently working on.

Thanks for reading and until next time, take care.

Roger Hines

Landscape & Garden Designer

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