How to design a garden

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How to design a garden

Designing your own garden, surely it cant be that hard right??

well believe it or not your right, grab yourself a piece of paper and a sharp pencil, maybe even a ruler and a compass and away you go!!!!!

Well if it was only that easy we would all be award winning garden designers. They are several phases that must be completed and things that need to be considered, hopefully I will help to point out a few of these phases and what they entail throughout this article.

Where to start?

Well in the garden of course, or not!

We do want to start in the garden, but usually way before a garden visit I will of gone through various mapping resources and looked at any planning restrictions that may apply to the site. This all helps me to ask the right questions to my clients when I arrive so a little homework goes along way here.

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Okay, so we now know what we want…… Lets GO!!!!!!!!

Erm, not quite. First we need to survey the garden to establish the boundaries, existing trees and feature as well as any overhead and underground services and the varying site levels. Easy right?


Hmm surely its time to put pen to paper now!

Nearly there, now its time for a deep site analysis of the garden. things such as sun patterns and wind directions need to be logged, microclimates and soil tests taken. All of the views from the house must also be taken into considerations as well as your views out of the garden and those into the garden for privacy.

Okay lets go!!!!!!

Yes we can start to sketch up some of those ideas on the base plan you have produced. All of those ideas now have to be tested against basic design principles. This is the most creative part of the process and I recommend that you go WILD!!! Once you have pushed the design as fair as you can take it, bring it back down to earth to match your budget.

Lets build it!!

Okay sure lets take that sketch and build something that’s going to withstand all of the elements, foot traffic and lets not forget if must be buildable. This is where many people get the whole process wrong, you don’t build a house from a sketch on a piece of paper that you or your builder drew up. A master plan is produced with detailed construction drawings to show how to build the house, its the same for a garden, the only difference being that some of the elements are living things and will naturally want to move and grow.

If designed properly by a professional the garden will sit perfectly within its surrounding landscape. It will improve the value of the house by becoming a harmonious extension of it.

So I guess what I am saying is, yes you can design your own garden. But if you want something that’s AMAZING, please contact a designer.

I hope you enjoyed the article, we love feed back.

Thanks as always,

Roger Hines



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