Below is an outline of the Garden Design Process we’ll be taking together as we design your garden. This process is meant to be fun, engaging, and democratic.  It will involve sketches, drawings, computer models and lots of ideas.

Good design is the synthesis of many disparate ideas into a thoughtful whole, and while the steps listed below represent a linear path, the way we arrive at the final design isn’t always as linear.


This is essentially an information gathering and processing phase – what is done before the design is started. Firstly, all the information available is collected about the project for use within the concept design.

·         Brief

A detailed brief will be produced following the initial consultation. Ideas and suggestions will have been made, as well as what you’re looking to achieve.

·         Site Survey & Analysis

A detailed topographical survey of your garden will be undertaken. This will mark out boundaries, level changes and existing features and plants.

Site information will be recorded such as wind, solar path, soil, noise and privacy within the site analysis.

Concept Design

This is where the rough shape of the garden and the ideas are formed. A scaled rendered design is created - using all the information gathered in the previous step. This forms a narrative for the project, called a ‘concept’.

·         A virtual 3D model of the garden is created to allow you explore the design before things are finalised.

·         A fully rendered plan is produced with perspectives and sections for you to see how we envisage the final design.

Master Plan

The master plan and the construction documentation, allow the landscape contractors to build the design as intended. All materials will be specified leaving no room for error.

·         Master plan and Construction documentation

·         Electrical and Lighting plans

·         Specifications

Planting Plan

The planting plan is produced using all the information gathered during the Pre-Design phase. Highly detailed scaled plans are produced along with information sheets and maintenance schedules can be produced upon request.

Contractor Selection

With your design in hand and excited to start, the thought of finding someone suitable to build the project can be overwhelming. We offer this service for those people, we select highly skilled individuals from a list of recommended contractors, these contractors are then invited to tender for the work.

The choice of who to use will always be yours but rest assured that we are here to assist.

Project Monitoring

The hardest part of implementing a design is ensuring that everything is running smoothly and being constructed as the drawings intend. We understand that as most of our clients are busy professionals, the idea of keeping track of the build can be overwhelming. We offer a full project monitoring service to allow our clients to rest at ease knowing that everything is in hand.