Frequently Asked Questions

Answering those need to know questions

How much does a garden design cost?

The cost of a garden design will vary upon several factors, the size of the site, the number of bespoke details required to construct the garden, the level detail required for contractors to accurately quote for the build.

How long does it take to complete a design?

The design is broken down into several phases these are:

  1. Pre-Design (2-5 days)
  2. Concept Design (3-10 days)
  3. Master Plan (6-10 days)
  4. Planting Plan (4-10 days)
  5. Contractor Selection (3-8 days)
  6. Project Monitoring (3+ days)

The process can vary from project to project, for the design to make it out to tender is usually 4-8 weeks.

How to pay for the design?

The payment terms for a project are as follows:

50% of the fee is payable to secure the project. The remainder is payable before completed drawings are handed over.

Payments can be made electronically or by all major debit and credit cards (1.2% fee charged). CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Can you tell us how much the build will cost?

We can advise you with a rough estimate of the build cost after an initial consultation and seeing what you would like to achieve. The usual cost from experience is from £25k+ for a completed garden.