Contemporary Family Garden

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Contemporary Family Garden

Contemporary Gardens, this is the thing we are most often asked to produce for our clients. The idea of something new and modern but with a traditional twits of herbaceous planting.

But what does it mean to have a garden that offers the outdoor living requirements of a modern garden. How do you meet all of the clients needs to produce a family friendly garden that offers the ‘WOW’ factor.

Well here we are going to show case a Garden Design project in Lancashire, the project was based roughly between Manchester and Leeds.

The Brief

To create a garden for all of the family to enjoy, the garden must also offer somewhere for the adults to unwind at the end of a busy day. Entertaining family and friends was high on the agenda and the garden needed to provide space for up to 10 people.

The orientation of the garden offered pockets of sun throughout the day. The Garden Design responded to this by creating areas that provided somewhere to enjoy at those particular times.

So the garden, the garden offers the following:

  • Patio – for entertaining
  • Raised deck – for relaxation
  • 2x Lawn’s – for the children to enjoy
  • screened off utility area – for the dogs and storage
  • 2 x planting borders – 1 for the formal look from within the house, the other is much more relaxed.

Relaxation and calmness was a driving force behind the concept development for this garden. The concept developed through studying experiential time and how we can alter the perception of time through creating spaces that allow us to lose track of the tick tock time we live by.

Stepping stones from the main patio area to the seating area were spaced in such a way that makes the user slow down to cross, this is the beginning of the journey. The raised deck area was the main area to sit and relax, it is positioned to get sun from 9am through to 8pm in summer time. The position also allows for full views of the garden, allowing you to keep a restful eye upon the children as they play in the summer sun.

The Garden Design Process


The process started with an initial consultation with the client to enable us to fully understand what the client wanted us to achieve.

Site Survey & Analysis

The next stage was to survey the garden and perform a full site analysis, this enable us to fully understand all of the constrains that the site has, it also allows us to explore the potentials the garden has so that we can work with the site and not against it.

Concept Development

This is most exciting stage of the process, where ideas and visions appear, as well as developing a strong concept that the garden design will follow, here below you can see some images of the concept plan that lead to the final design.

Master Plan & Construction Documents

The important parts, these are the documents that enable the garden to be built as specified. The documents will include precise setting out plans, construction details and specifications, basically everything that a contractor will need to accurately price and build the garden.

Planting Plan & Planting

We also provided the client with a complete planting design and planting service. This ensures that the right plant is in the right place to further increase the success of the Garden Design intent.

For more information please keep an eye out for future posts, where we will be covering the planting used throughout this design.

Have a great day…….

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